4 Tips for Introducing New Pets and Children

child with dog

Bringing a new pet home will present some challenges if your child is afraid of animals. This article shares 4 tips for introducing new pets and children. No matter the reasons, there are almost always concerns when it comes to new pets and children. It takes some adjusting. Fortunately, there are some things you can […]

5 Tips For Caring for Birds

pet birds

Birds can make very unique and exciting pets because of their social nature and high level of intelligence, these tips for caring for birds will make sure you have a happy relationship with your new friend. They are a lot different from cats and dogs as pets. Birds generally do a good job of taking care […]

4 Tips To Get Started Volunteering at the Local Animal Shelter

Local Animal Shelter dogs

There are many reasons you may want to get started volunteering at the Local Animal Shelter e.g. meet new people, develop new skills, experience the satisfaction of community service, acquire work experience, etc. Volunteering at an animal shelter can be a great overall experience. Wondering how to get started? This guide will help you, so […]

10 Health Benefits our Pets Bring Us

There are so many reasons for owning a pet, but here are some of the health benefits our pets bring us. Along with their love and devotion come these wonderful benefits, which should make us love and appreciate them even more than we already do. 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OUR PETS BRING US by Justin Brown […]


Dog Training can be a challenge for even experienced pet owners. If you have a new dog, puppy or otherwise, you can use these tips to get a solid start to training and start building a lasting relationship. By following the advice in these tips you and your dog will learn to understand each other […]