5 Benefits of Pet Adoption vs. buying from a breeder

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When looking for your next pet, there are many different places you can choose to go to, so here are 5 benefits of pet adoption to consider. Your primary options are generally going to be either adopting a pet from a shelter or purchasing it from a breeder . When it comes to these two options, it is highly recommended that you adopt a pet from a shelter, as there are many benefits, and not just for the animal.

Below are 5 Benefits of Pet Adoption instead of purchasing from breeders:

You Will Be Saving Two Lives, Not Just One

Sadly, millions of dogs are euthanized in shelters every year, simply because there aren’t enough homes to go around. When you choose not to purchase from a breeder, you are helping to decrease demand which leads to them not breeding more animals that sadly often times end up in shelters as well. It’s a simple supply and demand issue. Furthermore, when you adopt a dog from a rescue group or shelter, you are vacating a spot for them to save another animal. So, not only have you rescued your new best friend, but another animal has been given the same chance for a happy ending.

You Will Save Money

Despite adoption fees, a rescued pet is generally less expensive than the one purchased from a store or breeder. Almost all rescue groups and shelters will not allow a pet to be adopted unless it is neutered/spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations. Many rescue centers through donations and partnerships with local veterinarians are able to largely subsidize these costs. When you purchase from a breeder not only are you paying for the animal usually at a premium, you will incur these additional charges.

You Will Find the Best Pet for YOU

When you approach a pet shop or breeder, you have limited options. Generally, you are likely to find all puppies of the same breed. A lot of people assume that they want a puppy, however, a less energetic, housebroken, an adult dog may be a better fit. Apart from this, every breed of dog has its own unique characteristics. Not to mention, each individual animal is unique in its own way and may not fit the breed’s generalizations. Choosing a pet is a big decision, so you should give yourself some options by seeing a variety of animals. Most rescue centers will allow you to come in and visit with the animals and allow you to spend time walking them, and playing with them. This allows you to introduce them to members of the family (maybe young children) in order to get an idea of there temperament. With a breeder, you usually only get a choice of either male or female via a deposit and have no idea the personality of the puppy you will be getting. Additionally, many of the animals that have been rescued have been housebroken and have had at least some training and may know some commands such as sit, and stay.

No Sales Pressure!

Many breeders and stores see the placement of a pet into a home as a business transaction. Most times you are even required to sign a sales contract with them with “terms and conditions” regarding what you can do with your pet, whether or not they can have puppies, and what you can do with the puppies. Sometimes after even socializing with your pet before adoption, you are not able to get the complete picture of what it would be like to have that animal in your home. This is why shelters and animal rescue centers often give you a trial period with the animal that you have chosen. They will gladly take the animal back if for some reason it’s not working out and help you find one that may be a better fit.  Their goal is to provide you and your new pet with a long and healthy relationship so that the animal does not end up back in a shelter.

You Will Feel Great!

No matter where they come from, pets are known to improve their owner’s quality of life. Not only do they provide unconditional love, but they also improve both our physical and mental wellbeing as well. However, rescuing a pet and providing with them with care and love will give you a great amount of satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment, as well as purpose in your life. You will know that you have saved their life, and even though they can’t say it they will be grateful for it.


I hope you enjoyed this article on the 5 benefits of pet adoption and decide to visit your local shelter or animal rescue when considering a new pet. If you are not looking to bring a new pet home but still want to contribute please check our article on volunteering at a shelter/rescue center, as it can be a worthwhile and rewarding experience in itself. Below I have included some additional resources you may find useful when researching about adopting a shelter/rescue pet. As always if you have enjoyed the article and want to show your support or are just looking to make some updates to your wardrobe please visit our shop.

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