5 Tips For Caring for Birds

pet birds

Birds can make very unique and exciting pets because of their social nature and high level of intelligence, these tips for caring for birds will make sure you have a happy relationship with your new friend. They are a lot different from cats and dogs as pets. Birds generally do a good job of taking care of themselves if you provide them with some basic needs. However, special care is essential if you want to truly keep your pet in top shape.

Following are some useful tips for caring for birds should follow:

1. Find the Right Cage

Above all, finding the right cage is very important. If it’s a baby pet, find a relatively smaller cage as they can harm themselves inside a cage that is too large. On the other hand, if it’s an exotic pet bird, get a relatively large cage as a too small cage will cause the bird to really feel cramped. Most importantly, whichever birdcage you choose it should also have perches of proper size and should be placed as such as to encourage your pet bird to move from one to other by hopping or flying. Additionally, Don’t place more than two perches in the cage if you have a large bird. Obviously, Food and drinking bowls should not be placed beneath perches to avoid droppings contaminating them.

2. Provide Proper Food

Additionally, there are basically two types of bird categories: hard-bills or seed eaters like canaries and finches, and hookbills like cockatiels and parakeets, proper food type for your pet bird is critical to its health. Hookbills consume berries, fruit, and leaves so they should be supplied with large seeds such as sunflower and safflower together with an assortment of vegetables and fruit. On the other hand, seed eaters eat seeds of different plants and grasses when in their native habitat. Additionally, providing these birds with commercial leafy greens and seed mixes such as dandelions or chicory, and slide of orange or apple will nourish them very well.

3. Make Sure to Clean the Cage Often

Critically, you must consider the bird’s hygiene, it is a very important factor that you need to take care of if you want to keep your bird pet healthy. It is for this reason, it is recommended that you keep the bird’s living area sparkling clean. You should clean the cage every day and if it’s not possible, then you should clean it at least twice a week. To ease the cleaning process, purchase a spare cage so you can keep the bird there until the original cage is properly cleaned.

4. Grooming

Generally, birds tend to keep themselves clean but they may need a bit of help. All birds require and enjoy a bath. Most birds self-bathe in a shallow water bowl within their cages. You should keep the bathing bowl separate from the drinking water bowl. Preening is another form of hygiene that birds maintain. Preening will make sure that your pet bird’s feathers are neat and nice. It is recommended that you trim your bird’s nails occasionally when they start to curl. If you take proper care of your pet birds, they will live a long, healthy life and all your family members will enjoy their presence.

5. No Need to Buy Expensive Toys

You don’t need to buy expensive pet shop toys for your bird. Birds are quite playful creatures and will enjoy playing with many things you would call junk. Hair curlers, zips, cotton reels, bells, and balls to name just a few items. Just make sure nothing is put in their cage that is capable of hurting them.


In conclusion, by following these tips for caring for birds you will be ensuring that you have a happy and healthy pet that will bring you joy and companionship for years to come. If you are just starting to consider a bird as a pet check this link out for information on finding the right bird for you. Don’t forget to visit our Shop for some great gear!!

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